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Personal Relaxation Device

Personal Relaxation Device

Cognitech had spent several years researching and developing the Brainware 200, a personal relaxation device that uses a combination of pulsating lights and binaural sound to relieve stress and bring its users to a more serene state. Precisely coordinated, slowly evolving light and sound patterns gently coax users' Alpha waves to relax. Read more...

Personal Relaxation Device Force-Feedback Joystick Controller Phased Array Microphone Display Reader for the Blind Black-I Landshark Ground Vehicle Robot 128 Line High Reliability Hot Swap Phone Switch Touch Panel and Display Interface Low-Cost Audio Micro Ohm Meter RF Power Amplifier Predistortion Engine Wastewater Sludge Detector Lung Impedance Analyzer Lottery Ticket Vending Machines Sports Medicine Testing and Rehabilitation Systems
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