Bolton Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning electronic and software engineering firm, located in Lawrence, Massachusetts, just off Route 495, about 28 miles north of Boston. Bolton Engineering was founded in 1987 to provide highly manufacturable electronic designs to industry. Bolton has engineered and delivered over 350 board-level designs. In most cases, Bolton Engineering wrote the specification, designed and built prototypes, and delivered production ready units and documentation.

Bolton Engineering, Inc.'s facility in Lawrence, MA combines computer-aided design (CAD), an electronics design lab, and a software development lab. Close relationships with other area companies provide prototyping, machining, and industrial design. Bolton works closely with clients and draws on these resources to create designs that address client and market requirements, meet regulatory requirements, and are manufacturable.


The Principal

Clive Bolton has been involved in electronic product development for the past twenty years. His experience includes medical instrumentation, consumer products, industrial products, motion control, and computer equipment. His background includes electrical design, software management, and manufacturing.

Prior to founding Bolton Engineering Inc., Clive worked as a management consultant with McKinsey and Company. While at McKinsey, Clive was involved in Electronic Manufacturing projects in North America, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Yugoslavia, Britain and Sweden. Many of these projects involved Strategic Design and Design for Manufacturability.

Clive has had numerous articles published in various trade journals such as EDN, Electronic Design, and Harvard Business Review. Clive has taught as a guest lecturer for lab courses in practical electronic design and construction, and was a founding member of his town's high school First Robotics club. Clive has a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

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Certified Developer

Bolton Engineering has been approved and certified to work with the following vendors:

"RedXDefense is very pleased, impressed, and satisfied with the work that Bolton Engineering has performed for us. This is due to the obvious quality, accuracy and thoroughness of the work performed. Also very helpful to us was the breadth of service and knowledge..."

- Head of Engineering, Military Product Manufacturer