Bolton Engineering, Inc. provides a variety of services, matched to a particular client's needs. Most often, Bolton Engineering takes responsibility for a full project, from writing a specification, to designing hardware and writing software, to delivering production-ready prototypes. We have delivered as few as two and as many as a thousand production quality boards.

Some clients have extensive and/or proprietary software requirements and prefer writing firmware or software in-house. For these clients, Bolton Engineering provides a test suite that demonstrates working hardware subsystems. Clients integrate the low-level drivers from this test suite into their software and move quickly towards their final implementation.

A Team Approach

Bolton Engineering often works with Industrial Designers and Product Design firms. We understand the give and take necessary to work as part of a creative team. Early in a project, Bolton Engineering's broad design and manufacturing experience can help clients understand the relative costs of design choices, allowing them to steer the industrial design towards approaches that better meet their cost, time-to-market, and performance objectives.

At the end of a project, Bolton Engineering works with the client to rapidly move products into production. Bolton Engineering has successfully transitioned products into production with manufacturers in the United States, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

"Bolton Engineering has brought a wealth of design experience that has always made our products better and more reliable."

- Manager, Telecom Products Manufacturer