Client Testimonials

Engineering Manager, Telecom Equipment Manufacturer:

"Bolton Engineering functioned effectively as part of my development team; something design consultants don't necessarily do well... I cannot count the number of times Bolton went out of the way to keep to delivery schedules in spite of unanticipated problems and changes."

Purchasing Agent, Medical Equipment Manufacturer:

"We've had countless meetings to resolve design and documentation issues for the other three boards in the system, but have not had a single one for the board [Bolton] designed. Thanks for the great work."

CEO, Robotics Firm:

"... the work that your team performed was not only consummately professional, but technically excellent and creatively inspired. Of particular note was the terrific speed with which the work was accomplished, against a schedule that was extremely aggressive..."

CEO, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer:

"When our relationship with Bolton Engineering began, I was skeptical of your company's claim that your design process was any different from other firms or that it would reduce the number of iterations we would have to go through before our boards became stable. Prior to working with your firm, I had assumed the loss of customer good will, shipment of replacement systems, and loss of revenue as a result of not getting it right the first time was just part of the normal development process. Almost all of the products that Bolton has designed for our firm have worked the first time, and all have shipped without subsequent issues or changes. Thank you for being one of our best suppliers and making the PC board design portion of our business so trouble free. You have enhanced our credibility in the market place and have added substantial value to our company."

Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer:

"[Bolton's] system of assuring that its choice of electronic components would be available for the projected product life and would be available from multiple sources proved invaluable. Before Bolton became involved with our company, redesigns every two or three years had been common."

Purchasing Agent, Assembly House:

"Documentation to die for..."

Engineering Manager, Industrial Controls Company:

"... They always deliver more than we expect..."

Head of Engineering, Military Product Manufacturer:

"RedXDefense is very pleased, impressed, and satisfied with the work that Bolton Engineering has performed for us. This is due to the obvious quality, accuracy and thoroughness of the work performed. Also very helpful to us was the breadth of service and knowledge..."

Project Manager, Industrial Products Company:

"Bolton Engineering's ability to move forward with imperfect and incomplete information and its communication of critical chain issues was essential to the success of this project..."

Engineer, Communications Products Company:

"Bolton Engineering has come through on numerous occasions to meet tight schedule, per-unit cost and performance requirements. In addition, Bolton is always willing answer quick questions and suggest solutions, regardless of their involvement in a particular project... I would not hesitate to hire them again."

Head of Engineering Department:

"Bolton has brought our company excellent communication methodologies and predictability of deliverables. These two areas have given us the confidence to plan our product releases with confidence."

Engineering Dept. Manager, Industrial Products Manufacturer:

"Clive is an experienced professional. I have worked with Clive over the past 15 years and continue to seek him out as he has in-depth electrical engineering knowledge, and excellent project management skills. He has high integrity, and is creative and personable. Clive always has my recommendation."

CEO, Telecom Products Manufacturer:

"Thank you for being one of our best suppliers and making the board design portion of our business so trouble free. You have enhanced our credibility in the marketplace and have added substantial value to our company."

Manager, Telecom Products Manufacturer:

"Bolton Engineering has brought a wealth of design experience that has always made our products better and more reliable."

Department Head, Industrial Products Manufacturer:

"Bolton's ability to explain design tradeoffs has helped us achieve the optimal balance of cost, features and reliability."


Partial List of Satisfied Clients

"Clive is an experienced professional."

- Engineering Dept. Manager, Industrial Products Manufacturer