Wide Experience with Integrated Products

Bolton Engineering designs electronic products. Most of our work is with integrated designs: products that are self-standing but often connect and/or communicate to other devices. These designs typically require broad technical experience across a variety of design and engineering disciplines:

  • Power Supplies
  • Actuators
  • Analog
  • Communications
  • Data Acquisition
  • Digital
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded Firmware: 'C', Assembler
  • Mixed Signal Design
  • Motor Control
  • Microcontrollers
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
  • Programmable Logic
  • PC-based simulated User Interfaces
  • Sensors
  • Software: 'C', Visual Basic

Mixed Signal Designs Require Attention to Detail

Designing integrated, mixed-signal products requires solid attention to detail. Without a carefully considered electrical and physical implementation, different circuit sections can interfere with each other, severely compromising a product's performance. We know electronics, we know layout, and we know how to effectively meld the two skills together to deliver an integrated, cost-effective and balanced electronics system.

A Rigorous Engineering Process Ensures Design Excellence

Bolton Engineering understands these challenges and has codified many of the design rules and guidelines that help ensure that designs work as required. Over a quarter of the designs we've developed have worked to specification on the first board spin, without requiring track cuts, jumpers, mechanical or electrical changes.

"We've had countless meetings to resolve design and documentation issues for the other three boards in the system, but have not had a single one for the board [Bolton] designed. Thanks for the great work."

- Purchasing Agent, Medical Equipment Manufacturer