Wide Experience with Integrated Products

Bolton Engineering designs electronic products. Most of our work is with integrated designs: products that are self-standing but often connect and/or communicate to other devices. These designs typically require broad technical experience across a variety of design and engineering disciplines:

  • Power Supplies
  • Actuators
  • Analog
  • Communications
  • Data Acquisition
  • Digital
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded Firmware: 'C', Assembler
  • Mixed Signal Design
  • Motor Control
  • Microcontrollers
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
  • Programmable Logic
  • PC-based simulated User Interfaces
  • Sensors
  • Software: 'C', Visual Basic

Mixed Signal Designs Require Attention to Detail

Designing integrated, mixed-signal products requires solid attention to detail. Without a carefully considered electrical and physical implementation, different circuit sections can interfere with each other, severely compromising a product's performance. We know electronics, we know layout, and we know how to effectively meld the two skills together to deliver an integrated, cost-effective and balanced electronics system.

A Rigorous Engineering Process Ensures Design Excellence

Bolton Engineering understands these challenges and has codified many of the design rules and guidelines that help ensure that designs work as required. Over a quarter of the designs we've developed have worked to specification on the first board spin, without requiring track cuts, jumpers, mechanical or electrical changes.

"Clive is an experienced professional."

- Engineering Dept. Manager, Industrial Products Manufacturer